What's inside:


For individuals and small businesses
$ 5 / once
  • 100 credits
  • Flexible for starters
  • Up to 100 new ads
  • Suitable for Google and Microsoft Ads
  • Scale your business


For professionals and agencies
$ 9 / per month
  • 200 Credits
  • Perfect for agencies
  • Up to 200 new Ads
  • Suiteable for Google and Microsoft Ads
  • Grow sales with A/B tests
  • Unlimited Ideas
  • Ad creation simplified

Customer Reviews


Since I started using adcrafter.ai for my Google and Microsoft Ads, my click-through rate has significantly improved. The AI-generated ad titles and texts are far more appealing and effective than anything I've created before. I highly recommend adcrafter.ai to anyone looking to boost their ad performance.


adcrafter.ai has completely transformed my ad management! By utilizing AI-generated ad titles and texts, I'm not only saving valuable time but also achieving better results in my campaigns. The ease of use and fast outcomes are simply unbeatable. A must-have tool for anyone working in online advertising!

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